COVID-19 has tested the mettle of everyone who has to deal with the public coming into their facilities. We have the ability to help you adjust to the new realities of social distancing and the implications that will have for some time. Below are some examples of areas that we can help you navigate through this time; Additional Restaurant Dining Space, Corporate Employee Testing, and Expanded Break Room Facilities.

Added Restaurant Dining Space

As you prepare to re-open for business once the state allows, you will have a new reality to deal with in terms of space needed for people to be comfortable. We can help you add seating space with one of 4 different solutions so you can spread out your tables while minimizing the loss of seating.

The benefits of using tents to increase space include:

  • Using outdoor space to maximize guest capacity
  • Increased revenue per table & per guest
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Compliant with health and safety regulations

Please let us know if we can assist you in expanding capacity for your restaurant!

Corporate Employee Testing

In order for your organization to thrive post-COVID-19, your employees must be healthy, and you have to be comfortable that they can interface with everyone in a safe manner, even with social distancing precautions in place. If you are planning on incorporating an employee testing regimen, we can help either set up a drive-through or walk-in structure.

 The benefits of setting this up include:

  • Encourage and sustain a healthy work environment
  • Help employees feel safer at their workplace
  • Reduce possible employee infection
  • Comply with current social distancing and health guidelines

Please let us know if we can assist you in securing your organization!

Expanded Breakroom Facilities

In addition to screening your employees for possible infection, they need to feel safe in the facilities you provide for their breaks and lunches. We can come alongside your organization to build a temporary structure that can serve as a break room and provide the ability to spread out tables and chairs and give some safe breathing room for your employees.

 The benefits of setting this up include:

  • Expand break space to comply with social distancing guidelines
  • Encourage the health and safety of your employees
  • Reduce possible employee infection
  • Increase employee moral & workflow

Please let us know if we can assist you in securing your organization!

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