Blue Peak Tents offers you a wide range of emergency facilities for hospitals, that are immediately available, take only hours to deploy and build, regardless of your location.

Speed Matters! Whenever human lives are at stake, speed is of the utmost importance. Our specialists in temporary emergency facilities for hospitals can be on site within hours. All our facilities are rapidly deployable and can then be set up in a very short time, allowing you to have a fully functioning quarantine tent, triage center, infirmary or morgue at your disposal on the shortest possible term.

  • Temporary Triage Tents
  • Quarantine Tents
  • Testing Centers
  • Hospital Wards
  • Customizable and portable solutions

All solutions are customizable & scalable to fit when your space and needs.

Customizations may include:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Flooring and Lighting
  • Life Safety Features
  • HEPA/UVC Filtration Air-Scrubbing
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Areas

Blue Peak Structures allows you to expand your healthcare facility, or local government center, during the most challenging and demanding times.

Project Summary: COVID-19 Triage Tents

The rapid spread of COVID-19 into areas of the United States has left hospitals and medical centers short of equipment, employees, and most importantly space to treat & hold the vast number of patients. In addition to triage spaces needed, rapid deployment testing centers are needed for installation in parking lots so that drive-thru COVID testing could be done in mass with an efficient and quick process.

Blue Peak Structures was contracted by two large medical groups to rapidly deploy tents, structures, flooring, and other equipment in order to address the rapid development of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The project challenges included:

  • Installing free-standing triage & patient isolation structures, between 1,000 square feet and 4,000 square feet each, at 30 hospitals and medical facilities throughout Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Equipping each structure with washable flooring, doors, HVAC, power generation, LED lighting, and restrooms at each location
  • Use HEPA/UVA filtration systems and air-scrubbing units within each structure to create clean-air rotation
  • 24/7 Support for service and support
  • Cleaning and maintenance of tents & restrooms using CDC approved cleaning solution and bio-medical supplies
  • Multiple 30’x30’ drive-thru testing tents, with overhead lighting and heating capabilities

Blue Peak’s Solution & Results:

  • Multiple 30’ and 40’ wide structures deployed with 24 hours to each of the locations
  • Each structure equipped with walls, doors, power supply, restrooms, HVAC, and air-scrubber units
  • Using a composite 3” thick floor system within the interior of each structure that is fully washable and cleanable
  • Sub-contracting of outside vendors for tradeswork within each unit

Within two weeks, thirty tent structures were installed around Illinois and Wisconsin, ready to support hospital staff in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak – with each structure able to support an additional 20-40 triage patients at a time.

Blue Peak’s expertise was able guide the hospital and medical staff through the process while keeping up with the hospitals extremely strict standards of patient safety, structure safety, air-quality, and functionality.

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